Coolant Management

Mosher Company: Your single source supplier of TRIM® cutting oils, coolants, corrosion inhibitors, cleaners, and XYBEX® fluid recycling equipment.

What makes us different from the others?

“Maximizing Productivity–Minimizing Waste” is not a mere slogan with The Mosher Company and Master Chemical, but rather a long-term commitment to our customers.
What this means for you, the customer:

Technically superior coolants and cleaners
Safer work environment for your employees
Significantly reduced fluid costs
Lower disposal costs
Lower machine tool costs
Reduced time and labor
Immediate savings to your bottom line

Environmentally Concerned

The Mosher Company is concerned and committed to issues that effect not just your profitability and code compliance, but the well being of your workers and our stewardship for our environment. Our policies and practices, and that of Master Chemical, mean we bring you products to serve and protect our world—today and for future generations.

It isn’t a slogan, it’s a committment...

Mosher and Master Chemical: Put our experts to work on your bottom line

The Mosher Company built a state-of-the-art laboratory at our Chicopee, MA facility to conduct coolant tests and expedite results for our customers. Our lab was constructed in cooperation with Master Chemical Corporation, the “Coolant Management Company”, an international leader in the development and manufacture of specialty metalworking fluids and recycling equipment. Though we distribute Master Chemical coolants, cutting fluids, and equipment, our tests can be conducted on any customer coolant, regardless of manufacturer.

Our lab strictly adheres to ISO 9000 procedures and is certified through a stringent, ongoing series of annual processes. Master Chemical Corporation provides us with reference samples for annual audits. Our technicians annually attend intensive coolant testing training seminars at the Master Chemical primary testing lab in Perrysburg, Ohio. They work with Master Chemical’s scientists – career professionals in the analysis of coolants, cutting fluids, tramp oils, water, and other aspects of coolant management that affect production capability.

Mosher Lab Capabilities

Concentration control:
- Retractive index
- Digital Titration
Useful/Total Alkalinity

Bath life
Active/Total Alkalinity